Friday, 1 December 2017

| Bath And Body Works, Christmas Candles |

Hii it as been a while not going to lie, but I really want to get back into blogging I honestly enjoy it so much when I get into it. I just need to keep it up.

As its the first. Yes! the first of December. I can hardly believe it. It only seemed right to do a Christmassy post. So recently me and Kieran have just come back from Australia. ( Which was amazing btw. ) 
So whilst we where in Oz of course I couldn't resist, I had to pop into Bath and Body Works. For those who don't know what that is, its a shop that sells candles and all kinds of body wash stuff. It is the best. We don't have one in the UK so I really wanted to bring something back.
For those of you that don't know I am a sucker for candles so I picked up two Christmas ones which are so nice.

How pretty are these candle jars. Bath and Body Works really know how to make the cutest packaging. I love how festive they are they just look so lovely in your home.

So as I said earlier you can't get these candles in the UK. ( Gutted)  But I know you can get some of them from Ebay. Also there is a shop called Bath and Body Shop UK they sell them on there as well. Link below.

The spiced gingerbread is perfect for those cosy Christmas evenings. It really is Christmas in a jar. This one is a 3 wick candle so it has a lot of product. The twisted peppermint candle is just as Christmassy but has more of a fresh feel to it. I loveee them both. I just wish Bath and Body Works would come to the UK or at least ship to the Uk. But I guess it makes them a lot nicer to get when you can't get your hands on them all the time.

Sammii Ox

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Friday, 15 September 2017

| How To Style Barbie Slogan T shirt | 

Hello! I don't know about you but when I was younger I was obsessed with Barbie. Barbie was so popular with lots of girls and probably still is. Once I heard Miss Guided had bought out a Barbie clothing range. I was so excited to get my hands on a few of there items. 
In today's post I have put a few bits together to show you how I would style one of my favorite Barbie pieces that I picked up.

P.s please ignore my hair. Roots need doing asap. :)

You can't go wrong with a pair of black ripped jeans. They give the outfit a real cool look. I paired them with a black pair of Chelsea boots with a high heel. With this outfit I feel the top really stands out. I love the two tone colours. My two fav colours to pink and grey. 

Who doesn't love a denim skirt. I know I do, they are so versatile they can been worn in the Summer, Autumn & Winter. I thought this pink biker jacket would go so well with the Barbie shirt too. As its a very girly outfit. 

If you where Barbie obsessed just as much as I was, I would definitely take a look at the Miss Guided Barbie range. 

I have left a few links on the Miss Guided site if you where interested in buying some of the items I have styled. ( Not all items are exactly the same as what I am wearing but they have very similar if you wanted to get the same look )

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

| Pretty Little Thing Try On Haul |

Heyy everyone. So I have been a little quiet on the blogging scene lately. I don't really know what happened, I think life just got in the way and I just didn't have much time to fit blogging in.
I have been loving lots of other bloggers blogs and it made me want to get back into it again. I do really enjoy blogging so I am going to ease myself back into it :) 

I recently bought some bits from one of my fav online shops called Pretty Little Thing. So thought id do a try on haul. Hope you guys like what I bought.

So I am going to Australia in October with my boyfriend, and thought PLT was a good start to get some holiday clothes from. Also if you are going on a last minute holiday check them out! they have some great stuff.
 This first outfit I have put together is really cute. I think its one ill wear more for the evening like going out for a meal or drinks. But you could still probably wear it in the day if you prefer.

Outfit #1

How cute is this outfit??!! I love it. 
With gingham being a fashion statement at the moment I couldn't resist not picking this little beauty up.  I love how floaty the skirt is it really makes the outfit stand out. 

I also picked up this off the shoulder white crop top. I fell in love with its pretty little bows on the sleeves. I think it just goes perfect with the skirt. 

My shoes are from New Look I bought them a while ago but I'm pretty sure you can get very similar if you shop around.

Gingham skirt £12.00
Bow top £10.00

Outfit #2 

This outfit is perfect for a chilled day out. Its so comfy as well, great for the hot weather if you are going on your hols. The grey skirt is so easy to wear. 
I have paired it with this body suit its a peach colored body suit with a white trim. I think they also have it in a different shade too. 

Body suit £8.00
Grey skirt £5.00

 Outfit #3 

I told you this skirt just goes with anything. I bought this pink and white stripe off the shoulder top. Its really baggy and comfy its super soft too. I love that you can wear it tucked into the skirt as well if you prefer :) This is great again for them going down to the beach days.

Top £4.00

Outfit #4

Airport outfit anyone?! Ha I think I will definitely be wearing this kind of outfit for the flight to Australia. This oversized pink jumper is so lovely is has a hood and I love the PLT slogan on the arms and the hood. I have also bought the PLT black leggings with the PLT slogan along the waist band. I am in love with the PLT slogan range I could just buy it all Ha! 
Also wearing my Adidas Gazelles they go great with this chilled out outfit look.

Jumper £20.0
Adidas Gazelle £45.00 (Junior)     

I hope you enjoyed my PLT haul. Click on the links to buy any of the items I have posted.

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

| My House Warming Party Top 10 Tips |

Hello lovely readers. Today's post is a little bit different, & i'm not going to lie it's going to be a long one so sit back relax and grab a cuppa.

 Seeing as me & Kieran have just bought our own house we thought it would be a nice idea to celebrate & invite some of our friends round to have a house warming party. Now I am not really one for hosting however seeing as you are in your own home & with people that you know,it actually wasn't as scary as I originally thought. It went really well & I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I know I did!

So basically I thought I would do this post on some of my top tips on how to successfully host a house warming. Now obviously I am no expert & definitely no pro at planning or hosting party's by all means. However I just wanted to share some of my tips on what I did at our party so if anyone is a little unsure on what to do these are just some ideas that might help. Which I know helped for me. 


Tip no 1. Make sure that you invite your guests well in advance. This means that people can make sure they can book time off i.e with work. Send out invites I personally just use good old Facebook, to make an events page. Or use Whats app another one of my favs, set up a group chat. Lets face it a house party won't be a party without any guests. 

Tip no 2. So I know everyone is different but personally for me I want my new house looking spotless for when people come round. Tidy house tidy mind as they say. Plus it gives you so much more room to play with.

Tip no 3. If you have a fair few people coming to your party you might want to think about what space you have to entertain your guests. So maybe a gazebo might be an idea. Give your guests the option to stand outside to get some fresh air without getting wet if it rains. 

Tip no 4. Make sure there is some music playing in the background gives it that bit of ambiance. Especially can help if there was any awkward silences. ( god forbid there isn't ) by the end of the night everyone's up & dancing which is always fun. 

Tip no 5. Food! I would definitely recommend putting some food on, it may just be finger food, but to be honest I think that's the best thing to do. Get some throw away plates & cutlery. Saves you washing up at the end of the night. 

Tip no 6. When everyone is arriving make sure that you introduce everyone if they don't know each other. That way everyone can get to know each other. Makes it a lot nicer, & the party will run a lot smoother. 

Tip no 7. Be creative! At our house party we had lots of booze. Now I know that might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is ours. We asked everyone to bring there own. ( We provided the food only seems fair ha ) So all we bought where the fruit juices. So me & Kieran made a homemade fruit punch. We had two different ones. Ill just give you the one recipe as the other one was just fruit juice and vodka. 

Fruit Punch Ingredients:

  • One bottle of summer fruits. One that you don't need to add water to.
  • Little bit of  cherry juice
  • Cut some Strawberry's & put in
  • Cut some watermelon up & put in
  • Add half a bottle of Vodka 1 litre bottle
  • Add mint

Also another little idea get some glitter jelly ( Hartley's ) add vodka and chill. Makes the perfect party snack. Especially for us girls as it looks so damn pretty. 

Tip no 8. As the night is coming to an end maybe suggest playing some board games. We played Articulate and it got everyone in stitches. We also played beer pong that's always a fun game. 

Tip no 9. Make sure everyone feels at home. One of the biggest things for me was because it is a brand new house I was a bit nervous about people spilling there drinks. Luckily this didn't happen. & to be honest I wouldn't have even been bothered if it did I was having that much fun it just would have been fine. But even if it does. So what it can be sorted. That's one of the risks you take when having a house party. Know one would do it on purpose. Accidents happen so don't panic if it does happen.

Tip no 10. And finally most importantly have fun and enjoy it. That's what party's are all about right!?

Sammii Ox


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