Friday, 18 September 2015

| Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water |

Hello lovely people. Today I have a beauty post for you, it's going to be about the Garnier Micellar Water. I thought it was about time I took more of an effort to take my makeup off. I know how bad it can be for your skin if you don't. I don't really have a routine when it comes to taking my makeup off, I just know that I am really bad for it. I do always take my makeup off before I go to bed, however I only ever use makeup wipes. Makeup wipes aren't a bad thing in fact I think they are very good & do the job just fine. But I don't feel they get rid of all the dirt in your skin as well as a makeup remover product does like the cleansing water. So I bought one from Asda & here is what I think. 

The best thing I love about this product is that once you have used it, your face feels so clean & makeup free. You also get a fab 400mls of the product which is a lot you don't need to use to much of it in one go. It's perfume free & you skin feels supper smooth after each use. 

I really recommend giving this product a go. I never thought I would get out of a habit of  just using makeup wipes but I have & i'm so glad I have. You can buy it from as little as £3.29 this is on offer at the mo from Superdrug. Click here to buy 

 Sammii Ox

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Monday, 7 September 2015

| Raincoat Love |

Heyyaa guys. Today I have an cute little outfit number for you. I don't know about you but I have a thing with raincoats at the minute I have seen some lovely ones about lately. This certain one I picked up from Missguided unfortunately I can not seem to find this Raincoat on the MissGuided web page anymore but I thought I would still show you this outfit because it's one of my favs.

This is before I put the raincoat on. ( obviously )

I have always wanted a pair of ripped jeans so that is what I went and bought & of course these are also from MissGuided these where £30.00. Click Here to buy them.

The short sleeved t shirt is also from MissGuided & that was £10.00 Click Here to buy.

These are what I like to call chunky shoes these are from New Look I bought these a couple of years ago. However I thought that they would go with this outfit quiet well. You can get similar shoes from New Look like these. 

Now on to the raincoat yay.

Do you guys like it? I think it's supper cool ha, I love the fact that it is see through so you can still see your outfit underneath & I love the pastel colours it has on the trim. Oh & it even has a hood. Im pretty impress with it :) 

Leave your comments & let me know what you think.

Sammii Ox

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Thursday, 3 September 2015

| Chesham Break |

Afternoon lovely readers. For today's post I will be telling you all about mine & my boyfriends little break away to Chesham. We decided to take a last minute break away for a couple of nights we went on to Woucher. Which if some of you don't know is an online website where you can get discounts on breaks away, holidays & even products. Click Here For Woucher

We decided to choose Chesham as when I was scrolling through all the different places to go on Woucher, this certain hotel really stuck out to me & it is called Latimer Place. Let me tell you it was absolutely stunning! I have never been anyway like it before. Beautiful views it was huge. We just wanted somewhere to chill & relax. This was the perfect place to do it. We even had access to the indoor swimming pool & sauna which is where we went both nights. I really recommend this hotel if you are just looking for a short break away. This cost me only £99.00 on Woucher for two nights access to the pool ect & breakfast both mornings. The breakfast was lovely so much choice. Staff where really friendly & helpful. If you didn't know I am now engaged & I would have loved to have had my wedding here if it wasn't so far away it's perfect for a beautiful wedding venue. Click here for Latimer Place

Sammii Ox

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