Tuesday, 30 August 2016

| Florida Adventure 2016 |

Hello everyone. I have been off the blogging scene for a few months now. But I am hoping to get straight back into it. The main reason being me and my boyfriend have just recently bought our own house :D we are so happy and we love it so much. So as you can imagine we have been going though a pretty stressful yet exciting time. They say buying a house is one of the most stressful things you will ever do, and they aren't wrong. But after all the stress we are officially in & hopefully I can get back to doing what I love best. 

Okay. So enough of all the waffling. Today's post is a pretty cool one. So just before me & Kieran ( the boyfriend ) moved into our house we went on holiday to Florida for two weeks. It was amazzzingggg! I wanted to share a few holiday snaps and tell you about some of the cool places we visited. 

Universal was definitely one of our favorite parks to visit. There where so many different rides. The transformers ride was sick! I would recommend trying that one out if you ever get the chance to go. Also Harry Potter world was insane. Everything is so much like the film. We even went to Moes bar in Springfield where you could get a duff beer or a flamming moe. 

The Indiana Jones stunt show is one to watch if your into lots of action plus keeps you in shade for a while as it was so hot. Temperatures reached up to 35 degrees if not more.

The hollywood tower hotel ride has to be one of the most scariest rides I have ever been on. I don't want to spoil it to much but basically you are in a lift and it takes you as high as it can go to the point where when you are at the top you can see the park from miles away. Ill let you guess what happens next. 

You cant go all the way to Florida and not visit Disney! Felt like the biggest kid ever, but it does not disappoint know matter how old you are. We went on all the rides my favorite has to be Thunder mountain. The whole atmosphere of the place really puts you in a good mood. The parade was fab! you get to see all the Disney characters and everyone's dancing in the street. 

It wouldn't be right to leave Disney and not take a selfie with the main man himself! Mickey Mouse. Oh and of course purchase a pair of Minnie ears :)

Know breakfast is complete without a Mickey Mouse waffle. 

Just Disney being Disney! 

We went in July and boy was it hot! You need plenty of sun cream & keep drinking plenty of water. The sun was always shining it was bliss.

As we where there for two weeks and we pretty much did the theme parks every day. We decided to go to Clear water beach for the day. It was one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. The beach was that white and the sea that blue that you where completely blinded by it. Sunglasses are a must! We went to Hulk Hogans beach shop. Which Kieran is a massive fan. And luckily for him he bumped into him. And got a signed shirt and photo. Which Was a pretty cool moment. 

Of course this is a holiday of a life time so why not cruise around in style. So that's what we did. We hired a convertible Mustang for the whole 2 weeks. It was a beast of a car one of the best things we did whilst we where out there. Just look how sexy it is.

This is me in a wet suit just before we went swimming and snorkeling with the Manatees. We booked this trip before we went. What an incredible experience this was. They swim right underneath you and they are so cute. A baby one came right close to me. Also included in this trip was a air boat ride through the everglades where you could spot Crocodiles. It was so fast and you got soaked ha. The everglades are so peaceful. 

You must go to Disney Springs which is a big food and shopping place. This is where you will find a Sprinkles ATM machine. It was my mission whilst we where in Orlando to get a cupcake from the ATM. It is the coolest thing. You get to choose your flavor and watch the magic happen.

Literally we both had the time of our lifes. I have so many more photos but if I put them all on we would be here all year. Just thought it would maybe give some of you some ideas of what you can get up to if you plan on visiting Florida in the future. 

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Sammmii Ox 

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