Monday, 29 June 2015

| Summer Picks #3 |

Afternoon all. Hope your all enjoying this fabulous day in the sun. It's soo hot but i'm not complaining. Here is my third Summer picks outfit. Hope you enjoy. 

Loving this bodycon dress from Here's the link Blue Jacquard Bodycon Dress. It is perfect for a night out or wear it as a day dress. Love the patterns on it too. Does have a zip at the back. I have just paired it with some wedges from Primark. But you could wear it with sandals too. 

Sammii Ox

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Saturday, 27 June 2015

| Summer Picks #2 |

Heyyy guys. Just to start off with I would like to say. I know some of my posts are not as frequent as I would like them to be but I have a full time job & within that I work 13 hour shifts including night shifts. So as you can probably imagine I don't always want to to post when I have done say two of them shifts in a row & besides I want a clear head for when I'm writing. I just don't always get the chance to post when I would like to. I do always have ideas in my head on what I would like to post about on my blog. So I will always post something whether it be twice a week or twice a month. I know for some of you that probably isn't as frequent as you think It should be. But i'm only human & can only do so much in a day. Just thought I would put that out there, because it's annoying me how much more I would love to post but just don't always have the time.

Anyway on to today's post. As the title says this is going to be my Summer picks #2 in other words another Summer outfit I love to wear in Summer.

This cute little set is from obviously ha. Love this for Summer I have paired it with my converse trainers. But sometimes I do put sandals with it. Just depends how I feel.

Laters :)

Sammii Ox

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

| Summer Picks #1 |

Hello everyone. I'm just chilling watching Pretty Little Liars before my night shift tonight. So thought I would also write a post as well. As you can tell by the title this post is going to be on a few of my favourite Summer picks. I have three all together I will put the other two on individual posts. This is the first one.

I'm in love with two pieces I think they are so cute for Summer. This two piece is from I love the colours of this outfit it's so pretty. The top has a zip at the back & the shorts are really flary. They look like they should be a skirt which I like the idea of. I am also wearing some baby pink flip flops from 

Hope you liked my first Summer pick. See you soon for the next two. 

Sammii Ox

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Monday, 15 June 2015

| June Favourites |

Hii guys. Sorry I haven't been blogging for past couple of weeks, I have had a lot on. I have to try juggle working where I work 13 hour shifts not to mention night shifts. & a whole load of other stuff. You have no idea how annoyed I have been by not blogging so frequently recently, but i'm only human & can only do so much ha. Hope you can forgive me :)

I think this will be my first ever favourites blog post so I hope you enjoy. If any of you have been following me on Instagram you will see that I have recently just purchased a new camera. And what a beaut it is. I am in love with it. It's a Samsung camera. NX3000 The lens & flash all come apart. It has wifi & the best feature is that it is the perfect camera for taking selfies with. The screen flips up and you can wink at & it will instantly take your selfie. How cool. I'm super impressed with it, so it had to be put in my favourites.



2# Now this little product I got for my birthday it came with a load of other Estee Lauder goodies. This is a advanced night repair serum. I can honestly say this works. I just apply it at night before I go to bed & by morning my skin feels so soft. 

3# This is another Estee Lauder product it's a pretty pink lip gloss it's in the shade 06 magnificent mauve. It has a bit of shimmer to it. I really like this lip gloss because it's quiet a natural looking lipgloss & it doesn't feel sticky.

These power banks are such a fab idea. For those who don't know you charge it up. Then if your phone dies whilst out & about you can plug this in to it & it will charge it up. I think this cost me like £4.00 from home bargins. So good for keeping in your handbag.

Laters :)

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