Saturday, 27 June 2015

| Summer Picks #2 |

Heyyy guys. Just to start off with I would like to say. I know some of my posts are not as frequent as I would like them to be but I have a full time job & within that I work 13 hour shifts including night shifts. So as you can probably imagine I don't always want to to post when I have done say two of them shifts in a row & besides I want a clear head for when I'm writing. I just don't always get the chance to post when I would like to. I do always have ideas in my head on what I would like to post about on my blog. So I will always post something whether it be twice a week or twice a month. I know for some of you that probably isn't as frequent as you think It should be. But i'm only human & can only do so much in a day. Just thought I would put that out there, because it's annoying me how much more I would love to post but just don't always have the time.

Anyway on to today's post. As the title says this is going to be my Summer picks #2 in other words another Summer outfit I love to wear in Summer.

This cute little set is from obviously ha. Love this for Summer I have paired it with my converse trainers. But sometimes I do put sandals with it. Just depends how I feel.

Laters :)

Sammii Ox

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