Thursday, 23 April 2015

| Black & White OOTD |

Today on Always Rains Glitter I'm talking about my outfit of the day & its all about black & white. I love the black & white combo its so simple but looks so flattering. The outfit I have put together is lovely for Summer. Can not wait to start wearing this more often now that the sun is here.

My top is from Missguided, trousers Matalan & my shoes Dorothy Perkins. 

Hope you like my look.

Sammii Ox 

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

| My First YouTube Video |

Heyy guys! So a few weeks ago I finally had the balls to set up my own YouTube channel! Pretty exciting :) This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time, but I never had the courage to try it. But I eventually thought to myself if this is something I want to do then I need to just get on with it. At the end of the day if its not my thing then Ill give it up.
So my YouTube channel is called RainsGlitter I tried to keep it the same as most of my social networking sites. For some reason YouTube wouldn't let me have AlwaysRainsGlitter, but never mind its near enough.

Now this was not the easiest thing for me to do, I am not a very confident person & I do suffer with a little bit of Anxiety. I was and still am worried about what people will think about my channel especially family & friends. I have shown my boyfriend, parents & sister my video & they really like it. Which makes me happy.

My videos are definitely are not great & my lighting, camera quality & set up are pretty poor. But I can only do what I can with the equipment I have. My channel is going to mainly be of course fashion & beauty related. I will still be doing my blog. I think my blog was one of the best things I have done I love writing about my fashion & makeup.

This is such a fun little hobby along with my blog & I LOVE it!

Just thought I would share this with you. Here is my first YouTube Video & it is on a MissGuided Haul. Hope you guys like it. Please check out my YouTube channel ( RainsGlitter) it would be much appreciated! :)

Much Love

Sammii Ox

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

| OOTD River Island Style |

So the other week I went into town with the other half & ended up in River Island. I haven't bought anything from there in absolutely ages. I decided to look through the sale items they had, now usually I am very reluctant to look through the sales as I can never usually find anything I like, but on this occasion I picked up two items & found that they go together pretty nicely so here's my River Island outfit of the day.

In love with this vest top it was £35.00 which in my opinion is pretty pricey considering it has no sleeves ha. But in the sale I got it for £17.00 so I had to pick it up. Love that it has a high neck line & the colours are so nice.

I carnt remember how much the beige trousers where I think they where meant to be £30.00 but again I got them for £17.00 was so pleased with them they are so comfy & have lovely gold detailing on the button & pockets. 

The shoes were not from River Island I got them from Dorothy Perkins but I also got them in a sale yay go me ha. Love the fact they are opened toed & again have gold detailing on the buckle. 

I think it is such a cute little outfit to throw on for the day or you could probably get away with wearing it in the evenings for a meal or something. Quite smart looking but not to casual. 

Hope you guys liked my post :)

Sammii Ox

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Sunday, 12 April 2015

| Collection, Work The Colour, Eyebrow Kit |

Hii guys. Hope ya'll alright :) This post is going to be about the Collection, eyebrow kit. I will be honest my eyebrows aren't great! The only way I can make them look a little bit more alive is by using an eyebrow pencil usually as I don't have lovely thick eyebrows :( probably doesn't help that I have a habit of rubbing them when I'm just sat there watching TV or whatever ha. That probably sounds a bit weird Ha but I don't care :)

So this is what the kit looks like, nice & compact with everything in one place. It comes with the three colours, an applicator, mirror & clear brow mascara. 
So for the past few months I have noticed my Rimmel eyebrow pencil has been gradually been getting smaller & smaller. To the point where I can no longer find it in my makeup bag in a hurry. So I went into Superdrug to find a new one but couldn't find my shade so bought this instead. Its only £3.99. 

 The price is really good considering how pigmented the colours actually are & I think it will last a very long time. It comes in three shades really dark, dark & a lighter shade.  

I love the fact that is comes with this clear eyebrow gel. I have never actually used anything like this before so it was nice to see what it was like & I have to say I am impressed. For me it made my eyebrows stay in place most of the day which I guess is its purpose. I also think its a nice little extra for the price for pay.

I can't really complain great price, matches my eyebrow colour perfectly, nice little compact kit to carry in your makeup bag. & of course it comes with a mirror so great for on the go if needed. 

Thanks for reading guys :)

Sammii Ox

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

| Strawberry Body Sorbet |

Helloooo all. Hope you have all had a nice Easter break. Mine has consisted of being in bed all day :( The past few days I have been feeling pretty under the weather, that's why I have not been as up to date as I would have liked to have been on my blog. I'm still feeling a bit poo but I think I am slowly recovering.
I feel like I haven't done a product review in a while so I thought I would do a review on a Body Shop product & it's called a body sorbet. At first I think a lot of people where confused. Along with me, to what this product actually was. At first I thought it was a new shower gel but it is actually a moisturiser.

This moisturiser is really lovely I am a massive fan of the Body Shop body butters but I think this may be my new fav. I picked up mine in the scent Strawberry. The consistency like it says is like a sorbet, its quiet thick but very light on the skin. 

That's how thick the product is before been rubbed into the skin. It's so effortless when you rub it in it has a beautiful silky texture. The amazing thing about this is that it also has cold pressed strawberry seed oil in it which to me when you rub it in it gives you that nice cool feeling on your skin. Once applied it doesn't feel heavy feels nice & light not sticky. In my opinion the sorbet  leaves you feeling soft & well moisturised for most of the day.

You get 200mls of product so a fair bit. On the website it looks like there are 6 different scents to choose from.

Strawberry, Mango, Pink Grapefruit, Satsuma, Moringa, & Fuji Green Tea.



Can't really complain about the packaging either :)

 Let me know if you guys like this Body Shop Sorbet :)

Sammii Ox

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Friday, 3 April 2015

| I'm A Barbie Girl |

Feeling like Barbie in this baby pink co - ordinate. This is such a perfect Spring outfit it is so comfy & soft. I love the colour I believe you can also get it in white. It is from Miss Guided. Surprise surprise. Ha. Miss guided co - ordinates are the best! My good old black hat that I have previously posted about has also been added to the outfit. Why not!

Can anyone else remember having a pair of these shoes as a kid? because I sure can. Think that's one of the reasons I picked them up to be honest ha. They are really cute they have little flowers on them with a buckled strap. Really comfy too. They are £4.00 from Primark. Bargain. 


Thanks for checking out my post. Check back in soon :)

Sammii Ox

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