Sunday, 12 April 2015

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Hii guys. Hope ya'll alright :) This post is going to be about the Collection, eyebrow kit. I will be honest my eyebrows aren't great! The only way I can make them look a little bit more alive is by using an eyebrow pencil usually as I don't have lovely thick eyebrows :( probably doesn't help that I have a habit of rubbing them when I'm just sat there watching TV or whatever ha. That probably sounds a bit weird Ha but I don't care :)

So this is what the kit looks like, nice & compact with everything in one place. It comes with the three colours, an applicator, mirror & clear brow mascara. 
So for the past few months I have noticed my Rimmel eyebrow pencil has been gradually been getting smaller & smaller. To the point where I can no longer find it in my makeup bag in a hurry. So I went into Superdrug to find a new one but couldn't find my shade so bought this instead. Its only £3.99. 

 The price is really good considering how pigmented the colours actually are & I think it will last a very long time. It comes in three shades really dark, dark & a lighter shade.  

I love the fact that is comes with this clear eyebrow gel. I have never actually used anything like this before so it was nice to see what it was like & I have to say I am impressed. For me it made my eyebrows stay in place most of the day which I guess is its purpose. I also think its a nice little extra for the price for pay.

I can't really complain great price, matches my eyebrow colour perfectly, nice little compact kit to carry in your makeup bag. & of course it comes with a mirror so great for on the go if needed. 

Thanks for reading guys :)

Sammii Ox

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