Tuesday, 24 March 2015

| Tuesday's OOTD | 

Evening all! having a pretty chilled out day. Nearly cried when I had just got myself dressed, makeup on, camera in hand & boom the skies opened & rained. Thought my shooting for today's outfit of the day had come to an end, but I managed to just get out in time once it had stopped. Woop!
So here is my OOTD hope you guys like it.

Outfit Details.

Top & Skirt - Miss Guided 
Trainers - Nike 
Choker - New Look

Thanks for reading :) 

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Thursday, 19 March 2015

| Saving The Best Till Last |

I am a huge fan of Lush Cosmetics they always seem to impress what ever the occasion they always make a fab collection of products. I am going to write this post on one of my favourite Lush collections it's the Snow Fairy edition. 
I know these products only really come out at Christmas time, but as the title of this post suggests I have saved the best ( in my opinion ) Lush products to use till last out of all the other Lush products I have. As you can only get it around Christmas time I try & saver it ha sad I know but it smells soo good, that I need it all year round.

It has a very sweet scent to it smells like marshmallows it's sooo good. I do prefer sweeter scented shower gels this one is definitely one of my favs. It's such a girly shower gel. Love the colour & it even has little bits of glitter init so pretty.
A little goes a long way you only need a small amount which is good then it lasts :D 

Not only does it come as a shower gel but it also comes in a massage bar. How cute is this its shaped like a fairy. This is so great to use if you are having a nice relaxing bath it lathers into the skin beautifully. Its so soft & still makes your skin feel soft afterwards. Lovely product. 

Last but not least another Snow Fairy scent. This is the star melt its a pretty big product can be used in one go or sometimes I cut it in half & yet again saver some for another time. It leaves you feeling really moisturised & soft. & smelling sweeeeet! 

See you :) 

Sammii Ox

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

| Bubble Bath Melt |

Hey Dolls. I'm going to keep this post short but sweet. If you like having a nice hot bath full of big bubbles then keep reading because this Body Shop product makes the perfect bubbles for a great bath.
I got this product bought for me at Christmas time its called HoneyMania it's so lovely smells really fresh with a slight hint of honey. There is such a huge amount of product in this tub there is 300mls. It comes with a great price as well its only £8.00. Can't really go wrong. You only need to use a little amount at a time so it will last you ages.

Great gift for any bath lover.

Sammii Ox

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Friday, 13 March 2015

| Mac Spring / Summer Favourites | 

Another Spring / Summer post. As you can probably tell by the title it's going to be about my Mac lipstick favourites for this time of year. Now the sun has started to come out I have put away some of my darker shades of lipstick & brought out my brighter ones. 
I have picked out four of my fav Mac lipsticks that I love to wear this time of year. Two different shades of pinks & two different shades of orange.

All will be reviled in just a sec. Isn't Mac packaging just the bomb! So I have two cremesheen lipsticks, one sheen supreme lipstick & one amplified lipstick. 

L - R Creme Cup, Saint Germain, Coral Bliss & Gotta Dash.

As you can tell my all time favourite lipstick is Creme Cup! I have used it to death. I just love the shade. Its such a nice pink tone. Currently looking at buying another once pay day arrives. Its perfect for this time of year.
Saint Germain is such a bold beauty. It's a gorgeous barbie pink, adds a nice pop of colour to your lips. It glides on so smoothly too in fact they all are lovely to work with.
The next two shades are very similar in my opinion. Coarl Bliss is a stunning coral shade but is slightly more pink than Gotta Dash.
Gotta Dash I feel has more of an orange tone to it but still looks lovely to wear in the Summer.

I have done some swatches to show you what the shades look like both on my lips & on my arm. 

Without Flash.

Coral Bliss

Saint Germain

Creme Cup

Gotta Dash

With Flash. In same order as above ^^

Arm Swatches. 

L - R Gotta Dash, Coral Bliss, Saint Germain, Creme Cup

See you soon! 
Sammii Ox

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

| Spring Is In The Air | 

As we have headed into Spring time I thought I would do my outfit of the day post on a Spring outfit. By Spring outfit I mean wearing cooler fabrics, maybe not adding so many layers & showing off a bit of flesh. But you can still easily pop on a jacket or cardie if needed. As I do feel the cold in what ever weather ha. 

This outfit is fairly simple but doesn't look to casual as i'm not really a casual sorta girl. Gone for pretty much all black which I love. This outfit is actually pretty inexpensive too. 

Hat - Primark - £8.00
Top - Miss Guided - £5.00
Trousers - Miss Selfridge £22.00
Loafers - Primark £10.00

The crop top I have is very basic but great for Spring & summer time I also have it in two other colours white & pink.  
My trousers or joggers should I say they are supper comfy could wear them everyday. Love the monochrome effect they have on them too.
I have been wanting a pair of loafers for ages & took my chance when I saw them in Primark. Again my favorite gold & black combo can't beat it.

When I saw the hat in Primark I wasn't to sure if i liked it or not but I thought for £8.00 its worth getting even if I don't like it. Im not really a hat person but turns out I love it! Its soo pretty & perfect for this time of year. Just adds a bit more style to an outfit. The detailing around the hat is lovely too. 

Thanks for reading :) 

Sammii Ox

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

| Gifts & Pieces Haul | 

I have a confession. I have a pretty bad obsession with all house hold decorative furnishings. Anything that looks unique or simply just pretty & girly I have to have it. One of my all time favorite places to shop for this kinda stuff has to be a cute little online shop called Gifts and Pieces.    
To sum it up it is every girls dream shop if your looking at giving your house a cute make over. You can buy all sorts of products from pretty pastel mugs, ring holders, candles, bath bombs, hanging decorations. The list just goes on. 
It really has me hooked. I'm constantly looking for any new items that may have arrived. 

I have just chosen a few of the items I have bought from Gifts & Pieces to show you whats it all about. This is all based on my opinion. Its a fab little shop full of cuteness. Love it! 

Okay so the first product I am going to talk about is this beautiful tea light holder. Isn't it just perfect?! Its a lovely copper colour, great for a modern looking home. Perfect to put in the middle of a coffee table. Its so different & I think that's what I love about it & the coulor of course! It also comes with the glass holder in the middle for your tea light. Which is a bonus. Really pleased I purchased this its such a statement piece.

The next product is actually in this photo aswell. Its a plastic Miss Etoile closed eyes canister. Its sooo adorable. Fell in love with it as soon as I saw it & instantly knew what I will be using it for. As you can see I have used it to put my Yankee Candles in it. Didn't think it was a bad idea actually, I have fit about 7 candles in there & I still have room for a few more. I got my canister in the size medium. You can also get it in large & an Eiffel Tower one in small. They are so handy & not to mention lovely looking. 

These Yankee Candles aren't from Gifts & Pieces I bought these somewhere else just thought I would show you them :) 

I have been waiting to get my hands on this next little beauty. I believe they are quite popular. You can see why its the cutest thing ever. Its a cup cake holder! Who doesn't want one of these?! Its such a good idea if you are saving that last cupcake & don't want it to go dry & it will look amazing in the holder to. I have used mine to put a few more of my candles in once again but I think I will defiantly use it for its purpose too.  
In lovee <3

Last but not least I bought this lovely black & white planter. Love the colour, I haven't decided what I am going to put in mine just yet. But they are always handy to have. They also come in two other colours which are red & peach wish I got both of them to be honest. 

The two bath sundaes at the side are also from Gifts & Pieces they are like bath bombs. They smell lovely & fresh. They look good enough to eat but to pretty to use ha. Can not wait to give these ago! Gifts & Pieces also has other types of bath bombs I have also tried some of them they are amazing too. 

All in all a lovely shop great gifts for either yourself which I have been selfish & bought all for me HA! or for your friends great for birthdays. Will definitely be looking on there for any near birthday gifts. So glad I found this shop. Great prices. Beautiful gifts. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Bit different but thought I would try something new. 

Sammii Ox 

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

| Drug Store Concealer VS High End Concealer |

Decided to write a beauty post today. One of my favorite makeup products has to be a good concealer. So I have really bad under eye bags so I like to find a full coverage concealer that hides them pretty well.
I have nailed it down to two of the best ( in my opinion ) concealers that suit me perfectly. These are the Collection 2000 concealer which is my drug store fav, & the high end concealer which is MAC pro longwear concealer. 

I have amazing things to say about both of the concealers. If your after a full coverage concealer then these two are just that, they are both pretty full coverage & can hide your under eye circles really well. Here I have two photos of what they both look like on.

This is without wearing any concealer. You have probably seen this photo before on one of my other blog posts, but saves me taking more photos when I already have one I can use.

Love how fluffy my eyelashes look without any mascara ha. As you can see my under eye circles are quiet dark. I don't think it helps that I'm so pale either. 

This next photo is me wearing the pro longwear concealer by MAC. This is my holy grail concealer. I will never look at another concealer again, it hides my circles amazingly. It glides on well. It doesn't feel heavy under the eye. & it doesn't crease. Lasts all day especially if you use a powder to set it after. It comes in a variety of different shades. I was going to tell you the shade I wear but unfortunately it doesn't say on the bottle. Little bit gutted right now as when I go purchase a new one I don't know what the shade is AHHH! 
Anyway the bottle it comes in is really nice looks really professional. Its a glass bottle & has a pump. Love a pump with bottled products just makes it easier to get the product out. The concealer lasts such a long time I have had this bottle ages. A little does go a long way. I always wear this if im going on a night out or just going out somewhere for the day. Its magic in a bottle. Price £17.00 worth every penny!

Pro Longwear MAC.

Now on the the Collection 2000 concealer. Love this product too, for a drug store beauty item it works wonders. I usually use this concealer when I am just nipping down to the shops or when im going to work. When I don't want to put a full face of makeup on I will usually use this just to cover up any of my redness & my circles. I work 13 hour shifts & believe me they are very tiring. This little beauty does stay on pretty much all day. It says on the bottle up to 16 hour wear. It does last a while mostly all day. 
It has a thick & creamy consistency. Its easy to put on & work with I usually just use my finger to apply it. I'm in the shade fair 1 which I believe is the lightest shade & it suits me perfectly. Like the MAC concealer it doesn't feel heavy or look cakey. It covers up well. If you are looking for a full coverage concealer that has a nice price to it it is definitely this one at only £4.19 ( at boots) 

Collection 2000

For me it may not cover up as much as the MAC concealer but it still covers up enough if you just want to try hide most of the darkness under your eyes. Very good product! ( My under eye circles are quite bad )

R - L 
Mac - Collection 


Both products definitely worth a try. If your on a budget but still want a great concealer definitely try the Collection 2000. Or if your a lover of MAC products this one is one to go for.

See you soon Sammii Ox 

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