Friday, 8 May 2015

| Lush Haul |

For today's post I have a Lush haul for you. Lush is one of my all time favorite places to shop for bath & body products. Here's the Lush products I have bought. 

First of all I have my all time favorite Lush bath melt & it's the melting marshmallow moment. This smells sooo good, it smells at lot like the snow fairy shower gel you get at Christmas. & that is another one of my fav scents from Lush. This makes your skin feel supper soft too. £3.95

This Yuvu & Cocoa bubble bar is so cute it kinda reminds me of a macaroon ha. I don't tend to use the whole of this product in one I usually just put half in the bath & save the other half for another day. It has a sweet but fresh scent perfect for this time of year. £3.65

I have also picked up the other bubbleroon this one is called Rose jam. It definitely has a lovely Rose scent to it. Its nice & subtle. Again i will only use one half at a time. Love Lush bubbles. £3.65

In all the time I have been to Lush I have never actually bought the Space girl bath bomb! I have heard so many people say how nice it is, so finally bought it. I haven't used it as of yet, but i'm so excited to try it. Love that its glittery. £2.35

I have never seen a bath bomb as big as the Twilight bomb. It s pretty huge! I always think it is best to half it as I feel it is a waste to just throw the whole thing in the bath. This has a fresh scent to it. A but like lavender. Love the cute detailing on top of it too. £3.35

Last but not least I have the Creamy candy bubble bar. It smells like candy floss, who doesn't like that scent!? Its smells good enough to eat! & looks the part to, but it's probably NOT!! advised. Ha. It has a blend of coco & almond butter. It leaves your skin feel soft as a baby's bum. £2.75

Hope you guys enjoyed my little Lush haul. See you soon.

Sammii Ox

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  1. Where I am from there are no lush stores :'( I always wanted to try their products but, anyway. Nice post ! :) xx

  2. Great post!