Thursday, 14 May 2015

| Look Fantastic Beauty Box |

Hellooo guys. A few weeks ago I bought my first ever beauty box! I was so excited when it arrived. I paid £15.00 for it which I didn't think it was to bad. This is the look fantastic beauty box & it is the April edition. Hope you guys enjoy what I got in my beauty box. If anyone is interested I have uploaded a video showing my beauty box on my channel if you would prefer. Just click on this link. 

 This is how it looked once I had opened it as you can see it has 6 different beauty products in it. 

The first product I picked up was the multivitamin for dieters & its by the brand Forza. Now I was really disappointed when I got these I don't really see them as an every day beauty product. I know that with these kind of boxes it is just luck of the draw you are going to get things you love but you are also going to get products you don't like as much. & this is one of them ha. I will not be using these I just do not agree with them. That's my opinion other people my love them but it's not for me. I will be throwing them away. Not to mention the pills are massive!!! 

However if you are interested in them they say the pills are meant to be good for:

  • Skin, hair & nails
  • Collagen formation 
  • Enery
  • Bone health
  • Immue system

The next product I have is the Bamboo style boho waves tousled texture mist. I can not wait to try this out. So it's a hair product that is meant to give you boho waves. It says it will give you a just back from the beach look. Which I like the sound of. You can use it on damp or dry hair. Pretty pleased I received this. You get 25ml in the bottle.

Item number three: The CB12 safe breath oral care agent. This is a mouth wash. I have used this several time & I have to say I am pleased with it. You get 50ml only a small amount but I think you can buy bigger bottles. It has a nice minty flavor. 

Item number four: Yay finally a makeup product ha I have never heard of this brand. It is called Inika. I received a lovely eye pencil. It is super pigmented! & it is in the colour black caviar. It is an organic eye liner pencil. Lovely little product. 

Item number five: Is the Balance me, revitalising hand and body wash. Smells nice and fresh. There is 100mls. Pretty straight forward so not to much to say about it. 

Last but not least item number six: Korres soap. This smells so nice I only recieved a little block of this but I have actually seen the bigger versions in Tkmaxx. 

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