Thursday, 19 March 2015

| Saving The Best Till Last |

I am a huge fan of Lush Cosmetics they always seem to impress what ever the occasion they always make a fab collection of products. I am going to write this post on one of my favourite Lush collections it's the Snow Fairy edition. 
I know these products only really come out at Christmas time, but as the title of this post suggests I have saved the best ( in my opinion ) Lush products to use till last out of all the other Lush products I have. As you can only get it around Christmas time I try & saver it ha sad I know but it smells soo good, that I need it all year round.

It has a very sweet scent to it smells like marshmallows it's sooo good. I do prefer sweeter scented shower gels this one is definitely one of my favs. It's such a girly shower gel. Love the colour & it even has little bits of glitter init so pretty.
A little goes a long way you only need a small amount which is good then it lasts :D 

Not only does it come as a shower gel but it also comes in a massage bar. How cute is this its shaped like a fairy. This is so great to use if you are having a nice relaxing bath it lathers into the skin beautifully. Its so soft & still makes your skin feel soft afterwards. Lovely product. 

Last but not least another Snow Fairy scent. This is the star melt its a pretty big product can be used in one go or sometimes I cut it in half & yet again saver some for another time. It leaves you feeling really moisturised & soft. & smelling sweeeeet! 

See you :) 

Sammii Ox

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  1. nice, havnt use it before, guess i want to try it

  2. I can't go into LUSH without buying something the smell is unreal and their products are great - have to try this! xx

    Suki and the City

  3. Lovely! <3