Tuesday, 17 March 2015

| Bubble Bath Melt |

Hey Dolls. I'm going to keep this post short but sweet. If you like having a nice hot bath full of big bubbles then keep reading because this Body Shop product makes the perfect bubbles for a great bath.
I got this product bought for me at Christmas time its called HoneyMania it's so lovely smells really fresh with a slight hint of honey. There is such a huge amount of product in this tub there is 300mls. It comes with a great price as well its only £8.00. Can't really go wrong. You only need to use a little amount at a time so it will last you ages.

Great gift for any bath lover.

Sammii Ox

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  1. Hey,

    ich finde deinen Blog sieht total niedlich und hübsch aus, deshalb habe ich dich für den "liebster Award" nominiert, alles weitere kannst du auf meinen Blog nachlesen :)

    Liebe Grüße Jenny <3


  2. Great review! <3

    Love always,

  3. Sounds great! Definitely gotta look into this. I already have the honey body butter from bodyshop <3 I can recommend this as well!
    xo Victoria