Thursday, 20 October 2016

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Hey there! I have a beauty post for you today. Soap & Glory do some really great products! I currently have the two body scrubs. The Breakfast Scrub and Sugar Crush Scrub. I love that they have bought out too totally different scents for these.

The Breakfast Scrub. 

Is by far my favorite, it smells incredible. If you are into really sweet scents then you will love this. It literally smells of maple syrup and oats. It's one of them scents that you really want to eat. ( Obviously don't.)Its made with sugar, bananas, almonds and honey extract. You get a great amount of product. It's only £8.00 at Boots. 300ml Click here

Sugar Crush Scrub

The Suagar crush scrub is also has a really nice scent to it. It's not a really sweet scent but has a lovely refreshing fresh scent. It smells a lot like lime. Which I think is great especially for using to get up in the morning. It also contains almond oil. Again you get so much product. 300mls. Click here

Overall I think these products are fab! They really expoliate your skin and leave you feeling and smelling great!I think these are Great value for money also! Let me know what you guys think to them.

Sammii Ox

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