Wednesday, 28 January 2015

| Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation |

Evening all :) tonight I will be talking about the Laura Mercier silk creme foundation. This foundation is literally a DREAM! I have to say for years I have been trying to find the holy grail foundation suitable for me & this is definitely my baby. I can honestly say I don't have many disadvantages of using this product. It looks flawless on the skin and like it says it does have a slight luminosity to it, which I do like as Im not much of a fan of matt foundations. I like to add a bit of a healthy radiant looking glow to my skin. This definitely does the job.

I find that a lot of drug store foundations are just far to lets say.. orange like for my skin tone. (pale face) And I can never seem to find the exact colour to match my very pale skin. I have wasted far to much money on foundations that do not match me correctly. But this Laura Mercier foundation matches my skin tone perfectly! I am in the shade soft ivory.


 Does this foundation get any better you ask?! Yes it does, for the price you pay yes it is pretty expensive but it lasts sooo long I first bought this product in February 2014 so last year & I am still currently using the same tube. Amazingg!

If you are willing to pay that little bit extra I would say give Laura Mercier a go. I will definitely be purchasing another one of these beauties once I ( Eventually) get to the end of the tube. Ha
The formula does have a very thick consistency but if you do not use to much it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. A little goes a long way too. & it does stay on pretty much all day.

Now I know you are all wondering well what are the disadvantages. Not everything is perfect right?. Like I say I don't really have many negative things to say, But the things that I do want to say are very minimal in my opinion.

One disadvantage is that it can quiet easily come off your face with a slight touch. So I would advise wearing a setting powder. But it does lasts all day! just try not to touch your face ha. I am thinking of purchasing the Laura Mercier loose setting powder in translucent. If anyone has ever used that please let me know & leave in the comments below if you think it is any good.

It is a bit pricey its about £34. & one last thing it does have a thick consistency to it but if you like a full coverage foundation. Your winning. (Thumbs up)

So all in all my favorite foundation by far in my opinion. Hope this helps you decide if this foundation is the one for you :)

Sammii Ox

Here's are photo of me wearing the foundation.

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