Thursday, 11 February 2016

| Crabtree & Evelyn London |

Hey guys. I have a product review for you today. So for Christmas my mum & dad always buy me & my sister some hand cream as we both work in the care industry & of course we wash our hands 24/7. So by doing this our hands become ever so dry and cracked. Which isn't very pleasant. This year & the year before we have been bought the Crabtree & Evelyn hand therapy creams. 

They come in this adorable gift set ( this was at Christmas time so might not be exactly the same now ) It included three miniature hand creams. One called rose water, la source & pomegranate. They are so handy ( ha see what I did there ) LOL! I just throw one in my hand bag & I know its always there if I need it. 

Why I love these hand creams so much? Well for one they all smell lovely the scent lasts a pretty long time too. & the consistency is quiet thick. However it is very easily blended into the skin. & Isn't sticky. Sinks into the skin fairly quickly. My hands also feel so moisturized afterwards, not dry and cracked. Not to mention the packaging it super cute.

Click here to buy If you are interested in trying out these lovely hand creams for you self. Click the link. They are more of a luxury gift so be prepared to pay that little bit more for them. They are definitely worth the money. 

Sammii Ox


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  1. They sound and look really lovely and the company also ship to switzerland <3

    flowery from

    1. They really are a good hand cream! Ha even better then :)

      Sammii Ox